Fuel3D Studio 2.2

Our exclusive software has been designed to ensure easy capture and manipulation of your high resolution 3D SCANIFY scans. Through multiple download options the extended features have something to offer all 3D enthusiasts from entry level to expert.

Available on Mac and Windows

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Amazing z-axis performance: both online and offline

Our latest algorithms improve z-axis performance meaning your scans have better depth. This can be applied to previous scans too!

Measurement tools

Get accurate measurements from your 3D scans. Measurements include: length; contour length; multi-segment length; area; planimetry area.
Measurement tools

Crop your scans down to size

To build a high quality 3D model you’ll need to crop any unwanted data from your 3D scans before you stitch them together. Fuel3D Studio lets you trim away any data you don’t need by simply selecting it with your cursor.

Stitch your scans together

Much like sewing together two pieces of physical material, the Stitch Tool allows you to join multiple 3D scans to create a complete, 360 degree 3D model.

Fix any holes in your scans

Just like the human eye, SCANIFY must be able to see an object if it's to understand how it looks. If SCANIFY is unable to see a particular area of an object then data may be missing. With the hole fixing tool you can fill in the blind spots in your scans.

Remove rough surfaces

The Mesh Smoothing Tool allows you to remove any rough surfaces from your scans, leaving you with a smooth edge.

Software comparison

Fuel3D Studio
Main feature Starter - FREE Advanced - $190/mo Professional - $235/mo
Windows version
Mac version
3D image capture
Full & mono color
Integrated viewfinder
License valid on 2 devices
Lighting control
Cloud processing with our latest algorithms 15/month 50/month Unlimited
Stitching (max no. scans stitched in a file) 6 Unlimited Unlimited
Automated alignment
Manual alignment
File exporting
Remeshing tools
Edge smoothing
Extruded volumization
Flat volumization
Hole fixing
Mesh smoothing
Mirrored volumization
Polygon extrusion control
3D PDF export
Measurement tools
Contour length
Multi-segment length
Planimetry area
Offline processing with our latest algorithms Unlimited
Color stitching (Beta)
See our jargon buster FREE with SCANIFY Buy from our store
See our jargon buster FREE with SCANIFY Buy from our store

Hardware requirements

  • Studio Starter: 2GB RAM, Dual Core 32/64bit CPU 1.7Ghz, integrated graphics.
  • Studio Advanced & Professional:
    • Minimum - 10GB of RAM, Quad-core 64bit CPU 2.3GHz, dedicated graphics card.
    • Recommended - 12GB of RAM, quad-core 64bit CPU, 3Ghz, dedicated graphics card.